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Off Assignment: In Print

Off Assignment: In Print


The print issue: a hundred pages of the best work we've collected so far. Letters to a Stranger, original photography, candid interviews--and more. Featuring contributions from Pico Iyer, Leslie Jamison, Gay Talese, and other noted writers.

This gorgeous collection stitches together nearly two dozen of the best stories Off Assignment has collected to date, including feature essays by journalists Pico Iyer and Ted Conover; "Letter to a Stranger" missives by Leslie Jamison, Julia Glass, and Howard Axelrod; intimate interviews with reporter Jon Lee Anderson and photojournalist Rene Clement; and stunning photo spreads that will transport you from the boardwalk of Havana to the hinterlands of northern Mongolia--and beyond.


Inside, you'll find:

  • "Into the Grey": Legendary travel writer Pico Iyer reveals the story of the haunting stranger he met in Reykjavik. 
  • "My Guantanamo, and Theirs": Ted Conover takes us behind the curtain of his Vanity Fair exposé on Guantanamo Bay.
  • "Letter to a Stranger: Granada, Nicaragua”: Leslie Jamison writes to a one-legged magician who emblazoned in her memory.
  • "First Love": Jon Lee Anderson on his lifelong relationship to Cuba
  • "Just Got Wi-Fi": missives by Rolf Potts and Gideon Lewis-Krauss. 
  • "No Equivalent": poignant essays about what gets lost in translation by Sophie Haigney and Richard Deming. 
  • "The Supposedly Fun Thing": a hell-trip tale by Alex Sheshunoff
  • "Triptionary": a folio of nonsensical travel terms
  • "What I Didn't Say": authors Sara Wheeler and Marcia DeSanctis disclose what they omitted from their popular travel books
  • Photos by photojournalist Andrew Rowat

The stories we've collected are too good not to reach your hands, shelves, coffee tables!

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